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TGA Superlight RWD

Key Facts

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Product Details

The TGA Superlight RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and the TGA Buddy are close relatives of each other.  They are direct descendants of the original car 'Boot Scooter' which was introduced by TGA over 15 years ago.  The Superlight RWD and Buddy are both Small, Light and Practical, but the Superlight delivers a little more power, traction and comfort due to the nature of its Rear Wheel Drive.


  • Comfortable and Stable with a wide wheelbase
  • Rear Wheel Drive for greater traction and power
  • Padded, Swivel Seat
  • Large Footwell for increased legroom and comfort
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Rear basket as standard
  • Pneumatic tyres give increased ride quality
  • Standard or Heavy Duty Battery Packs available
  • Easy to Dismantle with no tools required
  • 3 Years Warranty as STANDARD with this scooter