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Delivery and Demostration of scooters, powerchairs and stairlifts is included in the price of your purchase.  Delivery is NOT included in the price of accessories, unless purchased and delivered at the same time as your scooter or powerchair.  Please contact us for delivery charges regarding the specific type of accessory that you are interested in. 

Where packaging is removed from scooters or powerchairs, this will be taken away and disposed of. 

We will deliver scooters & powerchairs and measure staircases for Brooks or Bison stairlifts in the area's shown in yellow on the map below (staircases for Acorn and Companion Stairlifts can be measured and stairlifts delivered anywhere in the country).  If you are unsure whether your area is covered under our delivery policy, please contact us giving details of your address, including your postcode, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the information you require.

Wisbech Mobility is proud to provide Quality Delivery

If your area is not covered under our delivery policy, we may, under most circumstances, still be able to deliver to you.  Unfortunately, this may incur an extra charge.  Once again, please contact us with your details and we will work out a delivery charge for your postcode.

Where possible, we try our very best to deliver on a convenient day and at a convenient time for our customers, usually within 2-3 days from the date on which your order is placed.

Although we personally measure up your staircase for Brooks & Bison stairlifts, (Acorn and Companion stairlifts are measured by their own employee's), we do not deliver or fit the stairlift.  These services are carried out by the stairlift manufacturer, but will be included in the price you are quoted.  Delivery of stairlifts can vary in time from 3 - 28 days.  Curved stairlifts usually take a little longer than straight stairlifts due to the technical nature and manufacturing process of these lifts.  Straight stairlifts can usually be installed within 7 days from the date in which your staircase is measured up by ourselves.